Why Can It Be So Difficult To Cancel a Sky Subscription?

Have you ever tried to cancel a Sky contract? Many people who have tried to end their contract with the television, internet and phone provider have found it incredibly difficult to leave their services. This is no coincidence, because the way the customer service representatives are trained is to do everything in their power to keep you as a customer.

Why is it so difficult to cancel a Sky subscription? The main reason is that the company doesn’t want you to cancel. If you leave them you will stop paying money, so they want to make it as difficult as possible for you to cancel. If there are many obstacles in the way of cancelling, some people might just get fed up, give up and stay with Sky – or at least that is what the company is hoping. The only problem with this is that the company will end up with a lot of people who want to cancel their contract but are getting frustrated because they cannot do so.

Difficulties Cancelling Sky Subscriptions Reported in Telegraph

An article in the Telegraph last year reported on the incredible amount of Sky customers who were dissatisfied with how difficult it was to cancel their subscription. After this article had been published, Sky agreed to rewrite the cancellation policy to avoid confusion.

Sky issued an apology to their customers and had clarified information about cancelling contracts. They have made it clear that customers need to verify their security information over the phone before the cancellation can be actioned. This is because the customer needs to provide security details and answer questions to verify their identity.

Previously the Sky policy said that customers could cancel via email or a letter, but now it is being made clear that phone verification is necessary.

So What is the Best Way to Cancel?

If you would like to cancel your Sky subscription, the best way to go about it is to contact the call centre directly. You can do this quickly and efficiently by using a sky customer service number or a sky broadband contact that is listed online. These numbers are priced at a basic by the minute rate, so you will not have to worry about being charged a surprising amount to contact the company. Also, the contact number is direct dial, so there are no complications with going through a third party before you are connected to the right customer service department.

When you tell Sky that you want to cancel your contract, they should give you a callback. Make sure that you provide all of the information required to cancel the contract and ask for a confirmation of the cancellation in writing.

If the cancellation has not been completed by the end of the 31 day grace period, you will have the right to cancel the Sky direct debit via the bank. However, this should only be a last resort when you have given Sky enough notice.

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