Use Video to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

In the ever-changing world of marketing, there are few ways to make as big an impact as video. Whether you choose a simple, straightforward, conversational video or a big-budget fancy one with amazing music and imagery, connecting with your customers through the lens of a camera pays off better than any other marketing tactic.

Virtually every major corporation uses video marketing to engage their customers, so there’s no reason why you can’t, too. At this time, video is one of the fastest-growing marketing methods. Soon, it will have the largest share of internet traffic, with more shares on social media than any other form of advertising. Check out these reasons why video is the most powerful way to engage new customers and keep your existing ones coming back for more.

1. People Like Videos

Consumers are inundated with all types of marketing, whether it be in print, audio, or video. Most people have the ability to filter out the unwanted images and chatter associated with annoying advertising, but videos are different. When well-made, a video draws a person in with interesting imagery and background music. People feel like they’re being entertained, even while they are receiving a marketing message from you. Some videos, especially those that use humor, are shared over and over again, reaching more potential customers than you might have dreamed possible.

2. Videos Build Trust

In a world where people are forced to make choices for everything from mortgages to yogurt, it can be confusing for consumers to make the right decision. Studies show that when people watch video marketing about a product, they are more likely to feel confident about buying it. The video can be a demonstration of its use, a thumbs-up recommendation from a satisfied user, or just an advertisement touting its benefits. As long as the video is produced well, and doesn’t make the product look cheap, your chances of converting potential customers to satisfied, paying ones is high.

3. Videos Are Efficient

Whether your company’s goal is attracting new customers or keeping existing ones coming back for more, videos can help. Your videos may run in a series that educates buyers, which would be very efficient in industries that are constantly changing, such as finance. Or, you may choose to entertain your customers with humor. Some videos, especially those that are promoting a service or charity, can be inspiring on an emotional level. In any case, videos that are produced well are very effective at promoting brand awareness.

4. Videos Are Key to Search Engine Optimization

In the constant and ever-changing battle to land high on the search results page, video is an effective weapon that can be used to outdo your competition. Web pages that have video on them naturally land higher than pages without it, thanks to search engine algorithms which strive to give users meaningful results. In fact, videos may land at the top of the search results if their content is relevant, even if the user isn’t directly searching for videos. In addition, very impressive videos that have been shared widely are more likely to land near the top of the results page. For that reason, putting extra effort into your video production can pay off.

5. Social Media Loves Video

Speaking of sharing videos, the amazing world of social media is on fire for video viewership. There are literally billions of videos watched on Facebook every day, with infrastructure being created to support even more views. Marketers can take advantage of this by posting quality videos to keep their customers engaged with their products. The more times your video is watched, liked, or shared, the more exposure your brand is getting. The healthy food company, hampton creek, uses videos to keep customers up to date on exciting new products.

Producing quality video to promote your company is a marketing tactic that is worth the up front cost and effort, when you calculate the enormous results that it can bring in. If your goals are to educate customers and promote trust, then conveying information by video is an excellent means to do so. By taking advantage of social media and search engine optimization, your company can use video to drive traffic to your website, which can help increase sales.

When strategizing your next marketing campaign, be sure to include video. This critical component may surprise you with its ability to convey your message in an efficient and effective way.

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