Top Tips for a Web-Based UX Redesign

If you have ever interacted with a website and haven’t been frustrated, then you know you’re dealing with a well-designed UX (user experience/design). A well designed UX allows users to fluidly navigate and interact with all aspects of a site to find information and complete their tasks efficiently. If your web-based UX is clunky or feels disassociated, users are unlikely to enjoy their time and it is doubtful they will return. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for you to consider when redesigning your web-based UX.

Understand What Your User Wants

There is a big difference between how your user wants to interact with your page or service and you would like them to interact with it. Take the time and do your research to find out exactly what your customers want from your site alongside how they would prefer to interact with it.

Function First

All users appreciate a fun and enjoyable website, but not if it comes at the expense of functionality, especially basic functionality. Compile your list of basic function requirements and build that first. Once you are confident the fundamentals are solid, then you can start to mould the design and fun aspects of your site.

Take Employee Feedback

Your employees are the best people to help you design the function of your site. Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Grainger, order a few presentation easels and display paper-based mockups of your site around the office. Encourage your staff to write on and attach notes to each page with their suggestions. As the design evolves, keep these easels updated and reap the design ideas of the people who know your products the best.

Keep It Accessible

A website built for a browser looks great on a browser, but horrible on a mobile. If you’re truly wanting to capture a broad audience and keep them engaged with your site and service, take the time and resources to build a flexible site which easily adapts itself to different devices. While there was once a time where most people would access your site from a desktop browser, more and more people are switching to their cell or tablet to get their tasks done on the go.

Don’t Copy and Paste

A complete UX redesign provides the perfect opportunity for you to relaunch your online presence and image, so don’t use old text and images. Set aside a budget and take the time to rewrite product descriptions, take new product photos or even move to video or 360-degree photography to increase user interactivity.

When it comes to web-based UX it’s a balance between function and design, and a redesign is more than just adding a few new colors and calling it new. Take your time, set a realistic budget and encourage collaboration. All these together are great keys to UX design success.

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