The Link Between Social Media and Your Reputation

The entire world is now online. Not just that, it has also gone social. This has changed the face of many things, not in the least reputation management. Any good reputation management company will understand just how important it is to incorporate social media strategies with their overall actions. After all, when people have an opinion to share, bad or good, they often do so through social media.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Reputation

Two factors are important: monitoring and responding. You simply aren’t seen as a trustworthy company if you don’t have at least a Facebook page. But it is about than having the page, it is about using it. You need to make sure you add content to it, you have to check whether people post to you, and you have to respond to their comments. Your customer service should be part of your brand identity, and responding to customers through social media is a vital part of overall customer service.

Do also make sure that you work together with a professional company, as they can give you lots of hints and tips on how to use social media to your advantage. They can also review your current position in terms of how you use social media and how you are perceived. Based on that, they could offer some ‘recovery solutions’.

A reputation management company will go above and beyond social media, however. They will look into how your brand is perceived both online and offline, and they will look for ways in which you can promote your name. They can find profile information that is vital in improving your reputation and heightening your overall brand equity.

An Example

Take, for instance, a politician who is in the race for presidency. They want to address their young voters, which is best achieved through social media. A reputation management firm will first look at what the politician’s strengths and weaknesses are, before building a profile (brand) around the strengths. However, they will also monitor and check any bad reports that are out there about the same politician. Politicians are always either loved or hated, after all, so finding them negative press shouldn’t be too difficult. Addressing it, however, is a whole different game.

Once a consultant knows all the facts, they can start to recover or improve the politician’s reputation. For instance, if the reputation of the politician is that they do not care about the poor, they could try sharing images of them volunteering in a soup kitchen. At the same time, however, they will point out to the politician what types of behaviors they engage in that are damaging their reputation, providing them with advice on how to avoid that type of behavior in future.

This type of work is absolutely vital. A politician is perhaps an extreme example, but the same principles exist for any type of business. Making sure people see them in a positive light is vital to their overall success.

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