Now you can run Android apps on Windows 10 mobiles and desktops

It had to happen – Microsoft is once again trying to gain traction in the mobile world. After all, they used to be the biggest mobile OS, but since they have been overtaken by Apple and Google Chrome, they have been running a cool third in the mobile platform stakes.

So, now Microsoft are playing catch up and want us to port all of our Android, iOS, web and legacy Windows apps to Windows 10. To make this happen they have introduced toolkits that make it easy to accomplish these tasks, but their focus is clearly on touch based apps, because Microsoft is heavily invested in this type of OS.

What do this mean in the real world?

Well, the problem has always been that most developers who use a Microsoft OS, don’t have much experience with touch based apps, so there aren’t many available yet. This means that Microsoft needed a way for customers to port Android apps into a Windows OS, which was easy to use and they didn’t need to wait for Microsoft touch based apps to hit the market.

So the new toolkits will give customers the ability to run their Android apps on Windows 10 devices and Windows mobile phones. The problem is that Google Play Services aren’t compatible with it and when you convert an app to work on Windows 10, they can’t interact with Windows Services. Not all apps will convert well either and some may not have the same quality once converted.

If you are a Samsung or an iPhone user, then you wonder what all of the fuss is about, but if you have one of the new Windows phones, these new toolkits are a huge bonus to all App lovers. This is because all of the apps you might love like Snap Chat, Hailo, Lounge Buddy, Hotel Tonight or Uber won’t work on Windows phones.

So being able to have these apps on your Windows phone or desktop is a huge step forward for Windows users. They no longer have to wait for app developers to make their favourite apps available in the Windows Store, but they can port their favourites over to their Windows phone.

Apps that rely on the Google play Store might be more problematical, but many standalone apps should be fine ported over to Windows.

It is too early to tell whether or not, these new Windows toolkits will help Microsoft to increase their market share in the mobile world. Certainly for Windows users this is great news, for everyone else however – we all wonder what the fuss is about.

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