My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro (MSLP) combines cutting-edge training with techniques for generating commissions for network marketers. It was designed to help you build and grow your own MLM business, while profiting from those who decline your business opportunity. The core of MLSP is attraction marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing?

In MLM Attraction Marketing, the marketers focus on the individual behind the enterprise, rather than the products or services they offer. The aim is to build trust as an individual by developing relationships and guiding potential recruits towards success.

Incorporating this strategy effectively will lead to a continual supply of quality leads, relationship-building with these leads, the generation of residual income and having people join your opportunity.

The technique for achieving these results involves offering valuable information and problem-solving to attract potential customers, demonstrating your expertise, reliability and availability in your chosen niche.

MLSP helps you along every step of the way. MLSP is not itself a business opportunity, but a solution that will help you receive leads in your chosen MLM.

How Does MLSP Work?

1. My Lead System Pro will teach you how to brand yourself and implement attraction marketing on

the internet.

2. The system provides you with pre-built capture pages that allow you to get leads fast without having

to design pages yourself.

3. An affiliate program gives you the chance to earn income from referrals.

What Else Does it Offer?

1. LIVE weekly lead generation training from the best marketers in the world.

2. Instant access to an extensive education and training library containing hundreds of hours of varied


3. By becoming an affiliate, you will receive access to lead-generation products ranging from $7 –

$497, while keeping 100% of the sale minus a small transaction fee.

4. Customizable websites, marketing funnels, and a Facebook fan page.

5. Website funnels to help you build relationships.

6. Potential promotion of your brand to MLSP’s extensive, active home business owner database.

7. A supportive community of leaders.

8. E-mail auto-responder integration to ensure that your leads join your email list.

9. Web hosting and link tracking.

10. Marketing guides, support and many other relevant resources.

What Types of Revenue will MLSP Help to Generate?

MLSP can help you to generate 4 different types of revenue.

1. Product Revenue

Top earners create and sell their own coaching, training, books, and other products, because doing so usually makes them the most money. It is also an effective way of generating leads in order to develop relationships with people to which they can later offer their respective business opportunities.

As an affiliate with MLSP products, you can do this too, minus a very small transaction fee on products sold.

2. Continuity Revenue

This is anything that pays you reliably on a regular basis. As an affiliate with MLSP Mastery, you will earn $100 per month per referral to MLSP Mastery.

3. High-Ticket Revenue

This revenue comes from products that earn you at least $1,000 per transaction. By becoming an MLSP Affiliate, you will gain access to several products that will pay you $1,000 or more.

4. MLM / Biz Opportunity Revenue

This refers to whichever MLM business or business opportunity you wish to build. Since MLSP is not a business opportunity but a home business solution, it does not offer this revenue stream. It will, however, help you generate leads and sponsor more reps in the business opportunity of your choice.

If you do not already have a business opportunity, seek a product, compensation plan, and leader that you resonate with, in order to make the most of the residual income that a legitimate MLM business provides.

MSLP offers an inexpensive trial period during which you can explore its resources and see for yourself how the system can build your revenue and grow your MLM business opportunity.

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