Advertisement is a marketing idea through which you can communicate to your target audience about your body rub services in Miami to promote purchases of the service. It is a non-personal type of selling your massage services as you tend to approach a large group of consumers rather than a single individual.

Many a time massage service provider use ‘post ads’ advertisements, which is a method of posting ads online to promote their services on various websites. You can check out rubratings as a perfect example for the hottest providers of body rubs in Miami.

What should be included in your advertisement?

  • Your logo, business name

You need to include a piece of information that will help you stand out from competitors looking to sell their body rub services as well. If your logo or business name doesn’t contain your specialization, make sure you entail it in your ad description.

  • Your contact information

Try and say why they should contact you and leave your contact details in case any of the clients gets interested in your massage services.

  • Your business info

Try and explain in a few words, clients tend to tune out the long story adverts, what your business entails and why it’s better than other body rub services offered.

  • Visual aid such as a photo

You can include a photo of you, your business or anything related to it so that clients can know what exactly they’re dealing with. High-quality images may tend to put more effort into convincing clients on why they should contact you for your services.

Creation Guidelines

  • The less you write, the more you attract.

Clients will be perusing through your competition as well and might tune out long texts. Clarify your intentions in a few words as possible using captivating texts. Use simple words to ensure the viewer gets all the useful information.

  • Use space sparingly

Don’t use all the writing space just because you can. Reading a full block paragraph may seem monotonous to viewers or potential clients. Instead, leave some area in between sentences for them to process what you are trying to say

  • Use presentable formatting

Potential clients might be enticed by a strong put profile that is easy to read and understand. Don’t overuse font color or styles to try and get their attention. Some clients may view this to be too much at times. A standard dark font is recommended.

  • Use ‘visual metaphors’

You are promoting your massage therapy business. It would be wise to give the viewer or potential client a mental picture of how he will be satisfied with your services and thus entice them to pick up their phones and contact you immediately.

  • Exaggerate moderately

This method should be done within reason as it is a good way of trying to convince potential clients that your body rub services can give them an experience that no other massage service provider can do.

  • Show what they are purchasing instead of telling them

The chances are that other massage service providers are promoting the same services on the same platform and thus you need a better way of standing out. Take time to show potential clients your ideas surrounding your body rub services instead of trying to explain it to them in detail. This method will result in creating a long-lasting impression on them.


The rules and techniques for creating a perfect advert for your body rub services have never been any less. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and try to imagine what it is you’d want from an ad that offers the same massage therapy services that you do. Once you understand the concept, nothing can stop you from inviting more clients to experience a unique style of your body rubs.

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