Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – which phablet?

If it wasn’t for the original Samsung Galaxy Note, we wouldn’t have big-screens today. The stylus-packing 5.3 inch phone turned out to be the blueprint for future ‘phablets’ and the line still remains popular today, with the Galaxy Note 5 recently launched by Samsung.

Apple also decided to take the plunge in the phablet market with the iPhone 6 Plus, which is about 5.5 inches, although that model didn’t come with a stylus.

These two are the top phablets competing in the market today, but what should you go for? Samsung or Apple? The pricing of both mobile devices fall in a similar bracket.

The real difference is in the features of each phablet.

Let’s take a look.

  • Screen

While these large devices can be used for various purposes, most of their functions revolve around bigger displays.

The extra-screen real estate is ideal for watching YouTube videos, playing games, browsing the web and shooting off emails. Galaxy Note 5’s panel is around 5.7 inch, a tad greater than the iPhone 6 Plus, and it is a quad HD display packed with pixels along with a Super AMOLED display that’s downright stunning.

While the iPhone 6 Plus is no match for the Note 5 in terms of pixels, the display is sharp, bright and crisp and it doesn’t fall far behind.

  • Design

Samsung has almost completely ditched its previous design philosophy of a combination of faux-leather and plastic. Now, glass and metal are the order of the day. The glass back of Note 5 is undoubtedly great, but makes the device slippery and prone to damage.

The device has been constructed with 7000 series aluminum, which makes it stronger and scratch resistant.

The iPhone 6 Plus and Note 5 are both curvy with rounded corners and a flat back.. But the latter is more compact even though it is larger. This is probably because of larger bezels of the iPhone. The 6 Plus is also one gram heavier than the Note 5.

  • Features

The stylus remains the killer feature of the Note 5, which has been made slimmer, although there aren’t any software changes to its functions this time round. Samsung also trumps the iPhone maker in terms of features made especially for large phones as you can multitask on the Note 5, but not on the iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple has introduced this feature in the iPad and it has been funneled into the latest iPhone release as well.

Fingerprint scanners have been incorporated in the home button of both devices and can be used for unlocking them and making NFC payments on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, respectively.

The lack of removable battery and support for microSD is a major disappointment in the Note 5. The iPhone has never offered these features and probably never will.

  • Power

With 4GB RAM, the Note 4 has four times the RAM of the iPhone 6 Plus. Nonetheless, both devices can provide fast and smooth performance.

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