Four Ways Good Shopping Cart Software Can Increase Sales

When an eCommerce business owner thinks about increasing sales, often shopping cart software is overlooked, but there are many ways that a good program can increase your sales. The following are just a few of them.

Shopping Cart Software for your business

Discounts for large orders
A good shopping cart program will allow you to offer discounts for a certain minimum order. For example, you can give a 10%, 15% or other percentage discount with a certain minimum dollar order. You can advertise this throughout your site, and the software will automatically compute the discount for the customer at the time of checkout. The software can also allow a customer to continue shopping to purchase more in order to take advantage of the discount. Obviously, an increase in the order size will increase your sales.

Free shipping
A shopping cart program can also allow you do offer shipping discounts, including free shipping. Often a business owner will be willing to offer free shipping with an order over a certain dollar amount, or perhaps on high priced items. Other options are free shipping upgrades on certain items. A customer can receiver priority shipping instead of the slower shipping that is standard for most of what you are selling. All of this can be easily configured with a good shopping cart. Free shipping is an attractive part of an eCommerce website, and those who offer it will often see an increase in sales.

A variety of payment options
A good shopping cart program will allow you to offer a range of payment options. No business owner ever lost sales because they had too many payment options, but you can lose some sales offering too few. People get used to paying for their purchases online in certain ways, so if you are not offering them the option they prefer, it is possible to lose a sale. Shopping cart software will make it easy to configure the various methods you would like to offer your customers, and then make it easy for a customer to choose the one they want to use to pay for their goods.

It easily gathers customers’ emails
After placing an order with your company, a shopping cart program can store these names and emails in a file that can be used to contact your customers at a later time. Although you always want to do what you can to attract new customers to your website, the truth is that a fundamental aspect of success in retail is repeat business. When you have a list of your customer’s names and emails in a single file, this can be used to send out sales information about new products or perhaps a sale that you are having. Giving your existing customers special discounts that others are not privy to, is also an excellent way to get repeat business. A good shopping cart program can help you do this.

Whatever you are thinking about doing to increase your sales, you should look a getting good online shopping cart software for your website. If you already have a program and it doesn’t have some of the functions mentioned above, you should consider upgrading to something better.

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