Cool & Affordable Ways to Customize the LG Flagship Phone

Technology lovers everywhere have been counting the days until the new LG G5 came out. Being the newest smartphone to be introduced by LG, it is an exciting time for the company and all of its followers. Now that the phone is on the market, many feel the need to make it their own. As sleek and attractive as the new design is, there are many reasons to consider a LG G5 skin. Designed specifically for this particular model, it will make the brand new phone even better.

Considering its cost, it is exceedingly important that it is kept in good condition. You simply can’t afford to replace it. Cases do offer a good amount of protection, but they’re often bulky and many don’t fit properly. How do you expect something that encases the entire gadget in plastic to accommodate its swappable base? It’d be a pain to have to remove the case entirely every time you switched out expansion packs. That’s why the skins LG G5 owners love work with its design as it protects against damage. They offer protection against nicks, scratches, and spills and will fit your device perfectly. Some afford a fit down to the micro-millimetre!

Aside from the practical use of the LG G5 skin, there’s also the fact that they allow anyone to custom design their phone. Cases offer a range of options, but they often come in stock styles or designs. It’s like choosing from a catalogue, which leaves many smartphone owners feeling as if they’re just one of millions with the same case. Skins, on the other hand, mimic the swappable features of the device itself. When you check out manufacturers like dbrand it’s broken down into 4 pieces, each of which you can personally pick the colour or texture. Using their convenient build-a-skin feature on their website, you can customize your LG G5 with a skin from dbrand and see what it looks like in real time, swapping out one colour for another at your discretion. Available in many colors and styles, these skins let individual tastes show through.

After deciding to dazzle your LG G5, make sure you know what to look for. It’s not always the expensive ones that promise value. Many companies will overcharge for inferior products. It should be cut to fit your device specifically. It should also be easy to apply and remove without the use of gooey adhesives. Make sure the company you choose has a clear and fair return policy in case the product does not meet expectations. The last thing to consider is the price. It is always a good idea to compare the websites of different companies to make sure you get the very best protection for your money.

A new smartphone is always exciting. Getting to discover all the new features will show just how far technology has come. Protect your purchase while showing everyone your own personal style with a skin for your smartphone.

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