6 Reasons Printed Media Marketing is Experiencing a Rapid Renaissance

Remember the idea of the ‘paperless office’? People love to predict the end of paper, and the same is happening now with print marketing. But although newspaper revenues may well be going down, there is more to print than meets the eye. Here are six reasons why print is experiencing something of a renaissance.

1. People Like Print

Even with the convenience and often cheaper costs associated with ebooks, people still love print. Whether in the format of books, magazines or newspapers, print is proving particularly resilient to the digital takeover.

People like the feel of paper in their hands, they love the portability of magazines, they love the fact that they can take them into the bath without fear of dropping them. And the fact is that as long as people still like print, they will react to advertising contained in print publications.

2. Grabs Attention

How many newsletters come through your letterbox these days? Probably not many – at least, not as many as email newsletters that you receive in your inbox. That’s good for print newsletters because it means they stand out more and get noticed. You can take advantage of this novelty factor to get your message read where digitally it may be ignored.

3. Engages the Reader

Print has the ability to engage the reader in a way that digital marketing can sometimes lack. People become engaged in magazines and other publications because of the personal nature of the product, and if you create an advert that draws the reader in through attractive design or interesting copy, you may find that you can engage them more.

4. Targeted

Online marketing can be highly targeted, and this is one of the benefits often associated with it. But print marketing can also be targeted very specifically. Whether you are targeting readers of a magazine that has a very specific audience, or you are reaching out to customers individually through a direct marketing campaign, print has the ability to target audiences very specifically.

You could even print off a handful of leaflets using your own printer and high-quality ink cartridges, then deliver them to specific postcodes in your local area.

5. Measurable

While print ads are not particularly measurable, this is not true of all print marketing. Take direct mail, for example. This is one of the most measurable forms of marketing available because its success is based upon the percentage of people who respond to your sales letter. So don’t dismiss print marketing as less measurable because you could be missing out.

6. More Credible

There is good reason to believe that an ad in a well respected magazine or newspaper is more credible than an ad that appears online. Not only is print advertising more expensive, it also implies a greater effort has gone into it. If your targets respect the publication, this can also rub off on your ad, giving your business more credibility.

Print Is Here to Stay

Predictions of the death of print will be around for a long time to come, but print is very much here to stay. While it is true that digital marketing presents exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes, there is no need to give up on print yet. So if you do not currently use print to market your business, it may just be worth your while giving it some serious thought.

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