Three Ways to Help Your E-Commerce Business Succeed 

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E-commerce provides an incredible platform for business owners to market their services and products to new audiences worldwide. The internet provides endless opportunities for growth and innovation. AT the same time, there are some challenges, which are unique to e-commerce companies, which business owners must work to creatively overcome in order to succeed. Some common dilemmas include figuring out the best way to engage customers and provide top-notch customer service in order to sell more and create repeat customers. Luckily, with the e-commerce industry growing by the day, there are tons of great ways to increase sales by engaging customers in innovative way. Here are three easy ways to get started today.


Utilize the Right Platform

At the core of a successful e-commerce business is a platform that fits the needs of your company. Your website is the face of your store and the first place that many customers will be introduced to your products. That is why you need to ensure that you use platforms which are user-friendly and optimize increased sales and customer service. Be sure to choose a shopping cart ecommerce software, such as 1ShoppingCart, that allows customers to view items which complement those in their cart. This is not only helpful to the customer, but also helps to increase your sale with very little extra effort. You may also wish to incorporate subscription capability into your shopping cart so that customers can set up automatically refilling orders. These types of software integrations can drastically increase sales and make life easier for your customers. 

Cultivate Great Customer Service

In addition to providing an outstanding platform for your business, you will want to be sure that you have implemented great customer service. Once you have ensured that your e-commerce platform provides customers with automatic e-mail confirmations and order tracking capability, it is time to add a layer of personal touch to your customer service process. Integrate technologies, such as a live chat function, into your website so that potential customers can ask questions about products in real time. You can also set up Twitter and text accounts dedicated to providing answers to specific customer questions.

Engage Your Customers

As an e-commerce business, you do not have the luxury of meeting most of your customers face-to-face. Becuase of that, there can often be a disconnect between the people behind a business and their client base. In order to break down these barriers, you must create new ways to speak to existing and potential customers. A great way to do this is by utilizing online marketing strategies, such as blogging, social media, and e-mail communications. Each of these allows your company to cultivate a unique message about your brand, which will be conveyed to customers. You can also utilize these platforms to offer special discounts and promotions to all customers or a select set (first-time customers, for instance). By reaching beyond the computer screen and letting your customers know who you are, you are more likely to increase sales and retain customers.

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