Nimble Storage Pricing

Nimble Storage Pricing

Today, Nimble Storage is the fastest growing storage provider of flash-optimized hybrid storage solutions. The Nimble storage arrays use the technology, Cache Accelerate Sequential Layout, to attain high performance through the use of high-capacity and solid-state drives. Nimble Storage solutions are designed and built for host providers who do not want to choose between ease of management, capacity, performance, and storage pricing.


Nimble Storage Solutions: A Cost-Effective Choice

With Nimble, a host service provider offers server and storage resources to host their clients’ virtualized infrastructure and applications such as SQL and Exchange. This provides hosted VDI with multiple virtual desktops which are consolidated on a Nimble array and replicates data from clients’ existing primary storage devices or on-premise. chose Nimble arrays because they deliver SSD accelerated performance without the high costs. This means their customers benefit from economical Nimble storage pricing. Through Nimble storage solutions, provides a cost-effective and simple disaster recovery service that delivers business continuity and long-term data protection to their clients.

With Nimble storage solutions, achieves the high performance they require without having to spend excess money on excess storage or added data center footprint. Nimble is hosting all of’s platforms, SharePoint, Exchange, cloud servers, and cloud VDIs.

Nimble Storage Pricing: Affordable, High Performance, Reliability

The price-performance ratio made Nimble stand out from others when researched and ultimately chose Nimble for its backup, storage, and DR platform, for their hosted services.’s Nimble array runs processes such as SharePoint, Exchange, and virtual servers. Not only does a host service using Nimble storage solutions benefit from high performance and reliability, they use just over one-quarter of capacity which is beneficial for both the web host and their clients.

Nimble’s patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture combines flash with high-capacity drives, making high performance affordable. This allows for cost-effective Nimble storage pricing for host companies, as well as an enhanced and simplified disaster recovery and backup solution. Nimble’s converged storage and backup solution greatly reduces the cost of storing, accessing, and protecting data for business. The result is affordable Nimble storage pricing for clients.

Reduce Capital Expenditures While Ensuring Data Protection

Data protection is built into each Nimble-based system configuration, improving the delivery of disaster recovery and backup and restore services for customers. Nimble’s easy-to-use command console simplifies’ of delivering these services on a daily basis. Nimble Storage’s CS Series is based on its Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL). All in a single device, the CS Series allows for: data optimization which leverages flash memory and high-capacity disk, fast inline data compression, immediate optimized backups, and effective WAN replication. This means companies are able to lower their capital expenses for backup and storage  while eliminating the need for separate, disk-based backup’s services provide disaster recovery for customers who are using Nimble Storage for their environment. leverages Nimble’s volume replication technology to copy critical data to other Nimble arrays at different locations, enhancing the overall data recovery plan.

Achieve A Higher ROI

Smaller and medium sized enterprises face the same storage challenges as the large corporations. The availability of Nimble’s entry-level converged primary and backup storage array is designed and priced to meet the requirements of smaller IT environments and remote offices. It delivers the performance and functionality associated with enterprise-class storage area networks (SANs).

Nimble’s technology converge primary and secondary storage all into one box, combining flash memory, low-cost, high-capacity drives, with Inline compression. With Nimble storage solutions, enterprise can consolidate all virtual machine data stores on a single storage array, saving time and money, while ensuring efficient backup and disaster recovery. It is a hassle-free way to grow your virtualized environment and get a higher ROI on server virtualization.

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