Four Awesome Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

Four Awesome Gadgets You Can Control With Your PhoneIn these contemporary times, more and more people are making use of technological advancements to make their lives easier or more entertaining. And although there are several technological devices that can make this happen, many people are finding that the use of smartphones to control gadgets can be either fun or convenient. Here are four awesome gadgets that you can control with your phone:


1. Your Wireless Speaker System


Companies like Sony have picked up on the fact that more and more consumers are interested in using their smartphones to perform basic functions and make their lives easier. Perhaps that’s why they designed the Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker System so that people can stream audio from iTunes or their personal playlists through their smartphones.


2. Your Home Security System


As security system businesses have caught on to the latest technological advancements, they’ve begun creating security gadgets which clients can manipulate through their cell phone. One such gadget is the control panel of the security system. Through the use of innovative technology, consumers can arm and disarm the entire security system from a remote location via their smartphones. If you are interested in using a home security system that contains gadgets which can be controlled through your phone, consider Durham home automation and the services they provide. The Vivint home security and automation services offered within this area will enable you to use your smartphone to manage your thermostat, small appliances and lights.


3. Your Baby Monitor


Parents who want to ensure that they spend quality time with their children while ensuring that they are safe will be happy to note that the iBaby M2 Monitor enables them to see and hear their baby from another room…or another state! With this product, you can control the pivoting and swiveling camera with left/right, up/down swiping on your iPhone.


4. Home Entertainment Devices


With products like the Beacon Universal Remote Powered by Dijit, individuals can turn their phone into a remote control that can manipulate various devices. With the Beacon, you’ll be able to browse through Netflix and watch a DVD via your phone. The product is great because it involves no wires, cables, or bulky cases. Simply attain the Universal Remote App and then use it on your Multi-Touch display.




As the 21st century gains momentum, technological advances will likely result in the continual evolution of the way humans interact with their devices. Thus far, we’ve witnessed the advancement of smartphone efficacy given that the electronic devices can control other gadgets from remote locations. By making use of smartphones to control gadgets, our lives can become increasingly more productive or simply fun!

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