Automated Parking Systems As An Innovative Parking Solution

Parking Systems

In this day and age where living in developing communities is otherwise impossible without having to use a car or any other vehicle at that matter- we face the problems of insufficient parking space. There has been an unbelievable explosion in the number of cars for the past years and at this rate, we could only expect it to grow many times faster in the upcoming era of technology and fast-paced living.

Cars have become a necessity that any metropolitan resident can’t imagine his everyday life without. The importance of having enough vehicles have also given rise to yet another problem- parking space for commercial, residential and business areas. The need is in fact so pronounced that almost any self-respecting establishment would want to have a parking space right outside their building or commercial lot.

Lack of decent parking space may result to loss of potential customers as anyone who’d want to have a simple cup of coffee would think twice when he sees that he’d need to park his car three minutes away and walk all the way again to and from that same cafe. This adds pressure to all business owners and even drivers as just deciding where to park your car in a normal sunny day would end in a parking ticket- or maybe worse, a parking accident.

Since conventional parking systems just won’t cut it for the sheer number of vehicles in a well-developed city, the answer may lie in innovative car parking solutions. Car parking solutions offer ergonomic solutions that normal parking has failed to provide- with the use of modern systems and machinery, they are able to utilize space more conveniently and access places that were once unusable for the sake of maximizing it. Some examples of this would be automated puzzle parking and the multi-level parking systems.

Besides saving space, automated parking systems have made parking much easier thanks to installed sensors which signal oncoming drivers of any available parking space. There is even a parking system which lifts the car onto the parking unit using a crane or a movable rack – when a customer needs is car back, it is the system itself which retrieves he car and delivers it to a room where the customer is waiting. This avoids inconvenience for drivers who may waste their time looking for space at an area where all spaces are already taken and even prevents unnecessary accident caused by drivers racing and fighting over the same parking space.

Automated parking like EZ cruise parking can also lessen pollution – as it decreases vehicle use whenever parking is done. Since it makes parking quicker and more convenient, there is no longer any need to drive your vehicle incessantly when looking for space – thus less smoke is produced this way.

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